Ahmed Mater

It is from my knowledge of both loss and enlightenment that I appear to have the ability to move from expressing sadness and anger to sharing my insights with a sense of humor and lifegiving lightness.

Ahmed Mater

Ahmed Mater is most acclaimed artist originating from the Arab world.  Mater’s work is influenced by his early education and life as a medical doctor, as well as by his traditional upbringing and Saudi culture. He has managed to create an iconic visual language within the boundaries of his faith, culture and scientific training.

Ahmed Mater works bring visual elements from medical technology (x-rays) and refines them with decorative elements from calligraphy and motives found in Islamic art – when packed within his conceptual concerns featuring social, religious, economical and political changes that Arab world has experienced over the last decade, – Mater’s work fits on every definition of cutting edge contemporary art.

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