Isbah Afzal

 Isbah Afzal has a history of embroidery in her family as a traditional practice handed down through the women, how fascinating to recall that painting was the preserve of male progeny and that mothers and daughters were only allowed to pound the pigments. It would have come as a shock for her grandfather if his wife had suddenly swopped her needle for a qalam, she would have had to do this in secret. A woman might have managed this inside purdah, but in no way was she allowed to reveal her talent nor to transmit her craft lore, gleaned from wily observation, for fear of appropriation by another family. Afzal’s series on the theme of textiles, weaving or needlework, reflects the archetypal role of the dutiful wife and mother, mending and bending, sharing and caring.

Virgina Whiles

Isbah Afzal is a Visual Artist and Contemporary Miniature Painter. While she lives and works in Lahore she is also teaching arts and liberal studies. She has successfully exhibited in Indian subcontinent and Europe. Isbah’s work is being highly appreciated by both contemporary and Islamic & Indian art lovers. Her works are part of some important private contemporary collections of India, Europe and America.